About this Blog:

Big Ideas, Small Words

Language Teaching & Learning

Big ideas don’t always need to be expressed with big words.
I’m trying to avoid too much academic, artistic or slangy language in this blog, because I want to write about language teaching and learning in a way that anyone can read easily; either as a teacher or a learner (or both, as many of us are).

I am a big fan of reading, but I only read in English. I have created a space on this blog for news and magazine articles that I have rewritten in everyday English, I’ll also post a link to the original text and provide a vocabulary list for difficult words. I hope this will develop into something useful. I enjoy simplifying difficult language in texts, and maybe this can be interesting for second language English readers and their teachers, too. I’ve also made a space for some poetry (other people’s), and i’m very interested in posting other people’s ESL writing for everyone to enjoy.

Reading is fun, but quick quizzes are funner; there are quizzes on religion,alcohol, languages, as well as meanings of personal names and place names. they’re quite tricky – so good luck!

Language teachers and language learners have overlapping interests; I’m interested in looking at language from both ends, and I hope you are too. My mission for 2015 is to begin learning Arabic and to lift my game in Malay. Will my teacher-self be able to guide my learner-self toward good language learning strategies? I’m not completely optimistic, but I’ll never find out if I don’t even try.

I’m also going to be looking in other blog spaces to see what learning and teaching ideas are inspiring other people. I hope my reading inspires me to follow suit. I’m going to blog my way to becoming a better language teacher and learner than I was in 2014.

I also like pictures, so there will be pictures as well.


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