LTL: more strategies for learning vocabulary

What’s the best way to memorise new vocabulary?

In a previous post I looked at ways to choose what words you should learn first when you start learning another language. Now that I’ve chosen my words, I’m going to think about effective ways of committing them to memory.

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Is it wrong that I bought a book about blogging?

Blogging for Dummies – check it out HERE



READING ESL: online selling tips

How to sell more online in 2015

Here is a summary of Daniel Scheltinga from Zendesk’s eight key dos and don’ts for small businesses who sell products online. I have posted a link to the original article and a glossary of the less common words at the end of my summary.

Number 1. Do provide a great customer experience from start to finish

Make sure your site is easy to use from log-in to log-out.

Number 2. Do use eye-catching product images Continue reading