READING ESL: online selling tips

How to sell more online in 2015

Here is a summary of Daniel Scheltinga from Zendesk’s eight key dos and don’ts for small businesses who sell products online. I have posted a link to the original article and a glossary of the less common words at the end of my summary.

Number 1. Do provide a great customer experience from start to finish

Make sure your site is easy to use from log-in to log-out.

Number 2. Do use eye-catching product images

Customers need to see what they are buying. Make sure your images are eye-catching and high-quality.

Number 3. Do allow customer feedback, and let other people read it

Online reviews are everywhere and customers search for them. Let your customers read wht others say about your product.

Number 4. Do offer ‘extras’ when customers buy from you

Customers love a bargain; offer free delivery, discount coupons or personalised gift card and wrapping services.

Number 5. Do provide money-back guarantees if customers are not satisfied

Customers are more confident if sellers offer a no-questions-asked return policy for unsatisfactory online purchases.

Number 6. Do build customer support features into the checkout process

Real time online support will help customers who have filled their shopping cart, but have problems finding their way through the checkout process.

Number 7. Don’t surprise customers with unexpected costs

Over half of online shoppers quit the purchasing process when they are presented with unexpected costs (tax, delivery etc.).

Number 8. Don’t include too many steps or force customers to register

Customers do not like to click away from the page they are looking at in order to find out about delivery costs or extra features. Keep everything on the same page. Customers who click away from a page may not come back to make the purchase. Customers shouldn’t have to make more than five clicks in order to complete their purchase.

Here is a link to the original article


VIRTUAL (adj) very much like something, but not really real. The virtual world (online world) is often compared to the ‘real’ world (offline)

NITTY-GRITTY (n) the important details

OPTIMISED (v) maximised

INTERFACE (n) method to allow parties (people and/or machines) to connect and communicate back and forth

NAVIGATION (n) Finding your way around

COSISTENCY (n) same level of service at all times

FOSTER (v) action to create a situation (foster good relations means to behave in a way that will create a good relationship between you and someone else)

LOYALTY (n) giving consistent support to a business, a team or a person

SUFFICIENT (adj) enough

RESOLUTION (n) in this case; photographic term to describe the quality of a picture or screen

ZOOM FUNCTIONALITY (v) to move a camera lens forward for a closer look, to make a picture bigger

TESTIMONIALS (n) customer reviews reporting high quality service or products

INCENTIVE (n) something to encourage action, a reward (a first prize of a hundred dollars was a great incentive for many participants)

FREEBIE (n) something that is given away for no charge

SHIPPING (n) delivery (by any method, motorbike, train, plane – or even ship!)

INFLUENCED (v) persuaded

PROMOTIONAL (adj) advertising method of ‘special offers’ to make something appear popular and cheap

COMPLIMENTARY (adj) given away for no charge

GUARANTEE (v) (n) to be 100% certain that something or someone will perform in the way it is supposed to – or you can get your money back

REFUND (n) money given back to the customer (also used as a verb)

POTENTIAL (n) the ability or possibility of becoming something (a high potential of forest fires in hot weather is a high chance of forest fires in hot weather)

TO GO ABOVE ANB BEYOND (expression) to do a lot more than is necessary

DELIGHT (v) to make someone very happy (also used as a noun)

ABANDON (v) to quit or leave

SAVVY (adj) clever

IRRITATED (v) annoyed

CHEATED (v) tricked, made to believe something that wasn’t true

TRANSPARENT (adj) clear and see-through

FROM THE GET GO (expression) from the very beginning


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