LTL Reflection: making word cards work

PART 1 Making the cards

In other posts I will reflect on  Making the word sounds / Making connections with meaning / Making progress

Read about making word sounds HERE

Don’t just make the word cards – make the word cards work for you, too

Making the cards

I made the cards as efficiently as I could. It worked out quite well; I insert a three columned table into a Word document.

  • The first column is the word I want to know (in English)
  • The second column is the Romanised spelling of the Arabic word
  • The third column is reserved for the Arabic scripted word

Actually, I’m mulling over whether or not I should abandon any imminent plans for learning the Arabic script and use the third column to add the Malay word to my learning pattern. It might be a good idea.

I’ve also divided the words over three tables (yeah, I had to make it tricky somehow).

  • Basic words I need to know
  • Basic words I already know from other languages
  • Basic words I use to give Arabic nicknames to people I know

Like this: 

Basic vocabulary Pronunciation Arabic script
Two Ithnaan
Good Jaied
No Laa
Cognate Pronunciation Arabic script
Soap Sabon
Friday Juma’a
Music Mosiqa
Nickname Pronunciation Arabic script
Tutor A / the beard Lechiya
Lucy / Non-stop Bedoon Tawakof
Adam / Shadow Khaial

I add words to the tables as I think of them, and then I find out about the Arabic pronunciation and add that too. When I have enough words for a new set, I just copy and paste them onto a new table and print.  There are around thirty new words to a set, and I’m on my second set. I’ve been working on the cards for about a week, so it has been quite slow going really. I probably need to pick up the number of times I add new sets. I look at my cards about three or four times a day, but each ‘look’ involves two or three run-throughs.

Actually printing and cutting the cards is effortless. I’m tending to hang on to my printed list for a day or so to familiarise myself with the look and sound of the words before I cut it into strips. I fold the strips into thirds to make cards for memory exercises. They’re a bit floppy, but I shouldn’t need them for long.

Making them was the easy part!,

I will post here shortly to reflect on how to use them
What tips do you have for someone trying to learn two new languages at the same time?

(just in case I decide to make the third element of my word cards Malay instead of Arabic script)

Learning Arabic



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