The whole process of learning in schools around the world is rigorously assessed and monitored by education departments and ministries. Education theories are applied (or not) as the experts see fit, but schools in poor areas are STILL failing to educate the children from poorer families.

Why is this?

Listen to Dr Pedro Noguera talking to Katherine Ryan on RNZ’s Nine to Noon show

“US educator and researcher Pedro Noguera, whose work has largely focused on poor children, and why they have poor educational outcomes. He says that under privileged children can be locked into patterns of poverty if they don’t receive a rich education. He contends that low expectations can also lead to low outcomes, and that there is no point in repeatedly assessing children if that data is not going to be used to intervene. Professor Noguera says schools need to become community hubs, serving whole families, and he’s studied examples of this in a range of communities experiencing hardship in the United States.”



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