LTL DISCUSSION: the classroom manager

LTL DISCUSSION: The Classroom Manager

Classroom management: What is it and why do we need it?

Project management makes sure that everyone knows what they have to do, and when they have to do it. Resource management ensures that we don’t run out of stuff, and everyone gets their fair share. Time management is about getting everything done with enough time left over for the fun stuff. So, what is classroom management? Basically, an effective classroom manager creates an environment where learning is a fun and rewarding thing to do – for everybody.

Classroom management is often described in terms of the students’ behaviour. Younger learners are trained to sit properly at their tables, to keep quiet and pay attention, but what classroom management rules do teachers apply to themselves? An effective classroom manager is skillfully managing the students’ learning. The students can be as quiet and well behaved as you like, but being well-behaved in class is NOT the same thing as being engaged and learning.

What are the teacher’s responsibilities?

I have written a checklist for teachers to use while they think about their own classroom management style. It is in three columns:

  • Classroom management techniques I’ve heard about

  • Classroom management techniques I have used myself

  • Classroom management techniques I am interested in using in the future

Check it out below


How many boxes in the middle column did YOU tick? What are some of the techniques that you use which DIDN’T appear on the checklist?


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