READING ESL: negative feedback

ESL READING: negative feedback

The Key to Giving and Receiving Negative Feedback

From an original article by Joseph Grenny (Harvard Business Review)

Feedback is not just for students! As working professionals we also have to receive feedback on our own performance; from students, peers and senior managers. How do you give or receive negative feedback?  I have re-written Joseph Grenny’s article in easy to read English, and I have linked to the original story at the end of this version. There is also a vocabulary list for the less common words that Grenny has used in the article he wrote for the Harvard Business Review.

The Key to Giving and Receiving Negative Feedback

Richard manages a large organisation producing a billion dollars of product every year with a 10,000 person workforce. Richard is good at his job, and he is respected by others in his industry. I met Richard and his team every week when I was an organisation development consultant. Someone from the human resource team asked Richard to take part in a new programme called “360 Feedback”. This allowed the boss to give feedback on the workers’ performance and the workers to give feedback on the bosses’ performance (360 degrees).

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