LTL REFLECTION: a ghost in the toilets

LTL REFLECTION: A Ghost in the Toilets

Classroom Management, Prepositions and Other Scary Stories

During a recent school visit, I met a teacher who showed me the worksheets for her EFL class on preposition review followed by an activity to practise giving directions. It was a nicely planned and well thought out lesson, and the teacher invited me into her class of 25 or so nine-year-olds to join in and assist. Joining in the lessons is one of the things I enjoy most about my job; all the fun of the fair, but no axles to grease and no student files to complete. So I went.

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LTL REFLECTION: heavy rain taught me how much I DO know

LTL REFLECTION: heavy rain taught me how much I DO know

Tai chi challenge: learn the 24-forms – in Chinese!

Last year I joined a local tai chi group in their twice-weekly practice in a nearby school hall. The challenge for me is to learn tai chi, but because the class is held in Mandarin I’m also getting a lot of exposure to Chinese.

To be honest, I ‘look and learn’ during instruction and I don’t pay much attention to the spoken instructions (not being able to speak Mandarin, and all). I often think how much easier it would be if I could understand the master, but I don’t. Continue reading

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LTL REFLECTION: making word cards work 4

Progress Report:: Where’s the ‘choo-choo’?

It’s good being on the right track, but there has to be some ‘choo-choo’, too.

Upside, because there’s always an upside; I’m really good at making word association links with my new vocabulary, and although I am inconsistent with my word card work, I’ve got most of my 88 new words nailed down (about 10 of them are still not yet firmly fixed in my memory) and I’ve got 25 new words to learn over the next week. So after four weeks I’ll have over a hundred words at my disposal.

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TEDx presenter Chris Lonsdale tells me I’m doing it right!

I’m inspired to see I have been hitting a lot of the same points in the way I am trying to learn new vocabulary in Arabic.

I’m going to be thinking of tutors A and Z (Lechiya and Nahr– nicknames remember, my version of Chris’ ‘direct connect’) as my language parents from now on (languagespider has two daddies haha).

Equally impressive, though less motivating, is Wiktor K’s response to Chris Lonsdale’s TEDx talk

How to talk back to Chris Lonsdale fluently in six points

Have you learned to speak a new language in six months? How did you do it?

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