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Easy, Enjoyable Reading

This is where I rewrite news and magazine stories from around the web into plain, everyday English. As well as providing an easy to read version of the story, I also link back to the article with a vocabulary list for the less common words the writer uses in the original version.

I have added some poetry and fiction as well. Other types of writing for easy reading are coming soon, and I am inviting other writers to join us at READING ESL so we can offer even more easy reading in a wider range of topics and styles.

Enjoy Reading!

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Or follow these links:

READING ESL: dealing with negative feedback 

An interesting article from the Harvard Business Review. How do you deal with negative feedback? This article explains a common misunderstanding about the nature of feedback. 

READING ESL: Thai tattoos

Thai tattoos are becoming more and more popular with foreign visitors to Thailand. A lot of Thai tattoos have religious meanings, so what does this mean about the people who ‘wear’ them? 

READING ESL: beautiful river (poem)

More of a rhyme than a poem. It started out as a chore, being asked to write a poem for a local choral speech contest. As I wrote the poem, I found I was actually enjoying writing to a rhythm. We came last in the choral speech contest, but I keep this poem as a souvenir. 

READING ESL: stories from the Tarot

This story is called The Rembrandt Hotel and it was inspired by the Nine of Cups.

READING ESL: every cloud has a silver lining

This is a Malaysian story for young readers. It is about healthy eating and a happy life. I would REALLY like some feedback from Malaysian readers if the boy’s experience in the village rings true (or not!).

READING ESL little red riding hood (scary version)

This is a very easy to read and a VERY SCARY version of a classic fairy tale. I was high on herbal cough medicine when I wrote it!

READING ESL: oh my goat!

A funny look at some of the traditions around Chinese New Year celebrations in Malaysia.

READING ESL: Just (poem)

Thanks to my friend and former colleague for letting me use his poem. This was NOT written specifically for an ESL audience, but it is easy to understand.

READING ESL: a new temple for Thor

In the mainly non-religious Scandinavian countries, there is a lot of new interest in some of the region’s very old religions.

READING ESL: dream come true (teen reader)

This was really fun to write. I hope it is fun to read too (try it out, even if you’re not a teen).

READING ESL: religion and law

An article about plans to introduce Islamic law in certain Malaysian states.

READING ESL: economic stonewall

An article about the Korean government’s difficult position regarding taxation (bad) and public spending (good).

READING ESL: online selling tips

How to make your online selling space really work.

READING ESL: poor English proficiency

An article asking why Malaysia’s Education minister is so surprised at low English-proficiency among school leavers (there has been a change of Education Ministers since this article was written, but the main points still stand).

READING ESL: top tips for storytelling 

An interesting blog about what NOT to do when you are telling a story.

READING ESL: fun on the cheap

A fun article from my hometown. it also has quite a lot of truth to it.

READING ESL: Family Time (poem)

Another poem from my friend Tom Napoli. This poem was NOT written for ESL readers, but the language is easy to understand.

All the articles that I have re-written into easy reading English also link back to the original story with a vocabulary list to help with the less common words and phrases.


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